Kids and Families

Family session: Three sisters!


I knew this family already from soccer, but you can tell these three generate enough energy to power their home utilities and more. I spent the session photographing them climbing all sorts of things: trees, monkey bars, each other. It was great fun to capture them in their element.







Kids and Families

Holiday: Blue Steel Toddler


Remember this kid? Well, here are a few of my favorites from this session! We’ve actually met a few times at the local watering hole (i.e. the playground) and when his mother, Joan, opened the door, we both went, “oh! I recognize you!” Anyway, this child woke up on the wrong side of the toddler bed that morning, but still managed to put on quite a winning look. I’m telling you, this kid is going to charm his way through life. I had such a great time photographing this little family.








Kids and Families

Holiday: Shelly + Matt + Kids


Shelly and Matt have a great little family, with a complete ham of a daughter and a total little bug of a baby boy. I had so much fun hanging out with them and taking pictures. They have endless smiles and lots of laughter, and made it easy to capture so many wonderful moments. We also lucked out on one of the last, warm, sunny fall days, in late November! Afterwards, their daughter showed me all her favorite toys and I would have stayed longer because she was just so hilarious, but I had to reluctantly shuffle off to another shoot. Here are a few of my favorites from that day.


IMG_8469 copy

IMG_8837-2 copy




Kids and Families

Expecting: Kate and Tom!


One small step for baby—one giant leap for parents

Tom and Kate—no, not that Tom and Kate, but a far cooler couple—are expecting their first-born this January! I caught them on a rainy fall afternoon right before a baby shower in their honor. Pregnancy is such a bizarre time in a woman’s life, with changing body shapes, an alien-like creature shoving its way around the belly, and the range of emotions and physical symptoms experienced in a short nine months. But you wouldn’t be able to tell with Kate—she just went about her afternoon like pregnancy was no big deal. Here are a few great moments of her and Tom just enjoying their last pre-child days.







Kids and Families

Fall family time


Diana and Derek were the lucky winners of our preschool’s fundraising auction in which I donated a family session. As parents who spend most of their free time trying to get their kids dressed and fed and off to school, it was no surprise that nearly six months went by before we were able to set a date! However, they chose my favorite time of the year to take photos—autumn—at the time when it’s still warm enough for short-sleeves but cool enough to see the leaves start to change colors. We met up on a sunny Sunday at Sligo Creek park with their two boys and spent an afternoon capturing them snuggling, hugging, throwing rocks into the water, finding enormous sticks that doubled as walking canes and crutches and swords, and just enjoying their day with each other. I had such a great time hanging out with their little family! Thanks for a lovely afternoon!


IMG_0565logo  IMG_0609logo  IMG_0725logo


Kids and Families

Valentine family

IMG_8535 copy

Beth and Shannon and their little girl celebrated their five-year anniversary on Valentine’s Day with a heart-shaped cake and red-and-pink hearts. Even though they formally married on another day, their first date was on Valentine’s Day, and they decided just to observe the one anniversary and kept the February 14 tradition. Their three-year-old, a perfect little lady, completed the heart-filled day in her little Minnie Mouse party dress. Here are some pictures of the cozy family in their Maryland home!

IMG_8634 copy

IMG_8537-2 copy

IMG_8580 copy


Kids and Families

Married: Calli and Tom (for 35 years!)


I *love* this family, and I think they like me enough too, because they keep inviting me back to document their most important family moments (such as Dan’s and Erin’s wedding, Dave’s and Emily’s engagement, and now Calli’s and Tom’s anniversary). Calli and Tom were married 35 years ago and never seem to have left the honeymoon phase. You never hear any spousal grumblings or any stereotypical doofus-husband or nagging-wife stories with these two. They are a true, honest equal team who held fast to their vows all these years, raised three great boys with matching heads, and prioritize each other’s happiness above everything else. Calli and Tom fill their lives with wondrous food, world adventures, a growing family, and genuine devotion and respect. For their anniversary, their kids and daughters-in-law flew in for the weekend to celebrate. Here are a few shots from that day!



IMG_8117 copy

IMG_8161 copy


IMG_8255 copy

IMG_8274 copy

IMG_8286 copy

Kids and Families

Little Tater

I met the cutest little bumpkin over the weekend, the six-month old half-Swede, half-Long Island Jew of Steve and Josie. Steve referred to him as his little Tater, among other names, and he really was like a little squirming, smiling potato with arms and legs. As a Swede, he has the finest red-blond hair (even his eyelashes!), white skin and light eyes of his ancestral Vikings; his Jewish dad claims he cries with an Long Island accent. Together, they are a happy little new family, exploring nooks and crannies of their new neighborhood together after their last New York apartment got too crowded for the three of them. He’s a photogenic little model baby, making it fairly difficult to choose from the number of great shots I got of him to show on this blog.