Headshots: Sara!

Look at how professional, sharp, smart, knowledgeable and strategic Sara is! If anyone is looking for someone with experience in international relations, she’s your prime candidate.


Headshots: The Management Company!

This is my third year in a row photographing The Management Company (this is last year and the year before). After three years, I can safely conclude that this is a very photogenic group of people. Being photogenic is all about looking naturally happy and comfortable with themselves, without the usual grimaces and eyebrow furrows that happen after a few years on the job. Which means that the people at TMC are genuinely happy with their job, and pose happily for the camera with very little weight on their shoulders while the rest of Washington shleps by them with bricks on their ankles.

This year I set up the shoot on a sidewalk and had a few fun moments of the wind catching my umbrella modifier. There is also the usual cast of commuting characters passing by who think they’re really funny trying to pose in front of my lights and asking for a photo. In any case, these are a select few of the headshots I took that day – of the actual people from TMC!

Headshots, Places

Snapshot: South of France!

I went to the South of France a few weeks ago. Because sometimes you just need to go to France. Here is my friend Ha, who met up with me from Shanghai, and we’re hanging out on the beach in Cannes, right outside the Cannes Film Festival. More to come from Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Cassis, Nice, more Cannes, and Monaco!


FunShots: Heidi!

Our favorite musician and music teacher, Heidi, needed some photos to promote her ukulele class! We did one attempt of throwing floating scarves against a white background, but then she found this even more colorful mural in Takoma Park to go with her multicolored ukuleles and, of course, with her personality.


Company shots: The Management Center, 2018!

2018-06-27 21.29.26_logo

This is my second year photographing the staff of The Management Center, and boy has this company grown in the past year. It had to move locations and increase the number of desks, but the staff’s dedication, attitude and level of fun is more than obvious that this job isn’t just merely a paycheck, but a huge part of their lives. Knowing that poor management and bad bosses are one of the top reasons people leave a job, its main purpose is to help progressive non-profits and organizations function better as managers. This helps to avoid losing great talent who would otherwise make a difference to important people and issues. You can tell these people love what they do – no one ever gets this giddy for a company shot! Here are a few from that terribly hot and humid morning down near Farragut North, in what’s known as the “Golden Triangle” district.

2018-06-27 21.28.07-2_logo

2018-06-27 21.23.14-1_logo







2018-06-27 21.32.42_logo



2018-06-27 21.21.18_logo