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Little Tater

I met the cutest little bumpkin over the weekend, the six-month old half-Swede, half-Long Island Jew of Steve and Josie. Steve referred to him as his little Tater, among other names, and he really was like a little squirming, smiling potato with arms and legs. As a Swede, he has the finest red-blond hair (even his eyelashes!), white skin and light eyes of his ancestral Vikings; his Jewish dad claims he cries with an Long Island accent. Together, they are a happy little new family, exploring nooks and crannies of their new neighborhood together after their last New York apartment got too crowded for the three of them. He’s a photogenic little model baby, making it fairly difficult to choose from the number of great shots I got of him to show on this blog.


4 thoughts on “Little Tater

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