Special Events

Engaged: Emily and Dave!

IMG_8930 copy

Emily and Dave met at Second City in Chicago, and were later engaged at Second City, which is very appropriate because Dave is a funny guy, and Emily has the biggest smile, so the two of them together just perpetuate infectious happiness. I first met them when I was photographing Dave’s brother’s wedding, when he and Emily coordinated some dance moves in such a way that you figured they often spontaneously burst into dance routines at home. Emily is very urban-chic and picked out many of the spots where we took their engagement pictures, all along Chicago’s Belmont Harbor and the green space surrounding it. Their puppy Calvin makes a few cameos as well. Congratulations you guys!

IMG_8607-2 copyIMG_8744 copy

IMG_8766 copyIMG_8646-2 copyIMG_9070 copyIMG_8998 copyIMG_9102 copyIMG_8715-2 copyIMG_8823 copyIMG_8922 copy


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