Kids and Families

A Snapshot: Mandy + Ari + Family


Ari, who is the unofficial social chair of our neighborhood playground, with Mandy (who looks good in every single photo I took, literally) and their little ones.



A snapshot from one of my jam-packed weekend of family photo shoots, just in time for upcoming holiday cards. This little girl was a real riot, and her baby brother was just all toothy smiles and cheeks. The camera loved them.


Kids and Families

A Snapshot: Early holiday cheer!

Kids and Families

Kids + Fall Leaves


Fall and kids—my two favorite things. As a fall baby, I think I naturally gravitate towards the season. I was a big fan of orange and yellow (and still am), I used to love and still like the idea of collecting acorns for no reason other than to feel like a squirrel, and I chose this time of year for my wedding date. That and because the venue we liked had an opening.  But there’s also the rainbow of leaves that paints the blue skies and carpets the ground, the warm sun and the crisp morning air, the apples and pumpkins and all the cliches that make an easier transition from summer to cooler weather.

As tradition, we started to take annual photographs at our wedding site (Woodend) for its rainbow of foliage. As small people appeared in our lives, the pictures shifted from being of us to just being of them—because once you become parents, you pretty much disappear into an anonymous existence. Here are a few assortments that I took this year, at Woodend and then at my in-laws’ in Chicago.






Kids and Families

Expecting: Kate and Tom!


One small step for baby—one giant leap for parents

Tom and Kate—no, not that Tom and Kate, but a far cooler couple—are expecting their first-born this January! I caught them on a rainy fall afternoon right before a baby shower in their honor. Pregnancy is such a bizarre time in a woman’s life, with changing body shapes, an alien-like creature shoving its way around the belly, and the range of emotions and physical symptoms experienced in a short nine months. But you wouldn’t be able to tell with Kate—she just went about her afternoon like pregnancy was no big deal. Here are a few great moments of her and Tom just enjoying their last pre-child days.







Kids and Families

Chicago babies!


(Baby boy toes, Chicago)

I jetted to Chicago a couple weekends ago to meet some totally teeny-tiny, completely adorable and helpless little new humans. After you’ve had two of your own, you completely forget just how small they start off (although mine began in the 8-pound range, so they were never this small). Here you’ll meet my sister-in-law Lexi’s and Gregg’s baby girl, and Brandon’s and Stef’s baby boy (baby girl and baby boy are second cousins!) complete with sausage toes, yawns, cries, sleepy eyes, and doting parents.






IMG_0985 logo



*YES! I come to Chicago often and would be more than happy to be your family/ engagement/ newborn/ etc. photographer when I’m in town. Please contact me for details on my upcoming trips!*

Kids and Families

Baby blues


Who can resist this little one?

Seriously – there isn’t much to say in this blog write-up about this squishy little baby boy except that the pictures speak for themselves! Who doesn’t want to just pick up this little adorable guy and hug him to pieces? It was a fantastic spring weekend and he was full of pep and smiles for the camera. I won’t write anything more and just let you enjoy those little beaming blue eyes and toothy smile.

IMG_0711logo IMG_0771 logo IMG_0783-2 logo IMG_0898 logo IMG_0940 logo IMG_0970 logo

Kids and Families

A snapshot: Babies!

Where have I been since China? I’ve been surrounded by BABIES, lots of brand-new people blissfully unaware that they’ve just embarked on the exciting adventure of life. I spent some time up in New York photographing two newborns and their siblings, a now 10-month old Tater, and my favoritest little ones splashing away summer in a grand old inflatable swimming pool courtesy of their aunt (me). At the request of the two newborn parents I will not be posting their photos on this blog, but I couldn’t resist this one’s little tiny feet. Congrats to the parents! Stay tuned for more pictures of my summer!


Kids and Families

Little Tater

I met the cutest little bumpkin over the weekend, the six-month old half-Swede, half-Long Island Jew of Steve and Josie. Steve referred to him as his little Tater, among other names, and he really was like a little squirming, smiling potato with arms and legs. As a Swede, he has the finest red-blond hair (even his eyelashes!), white skin and light eyes of his ancestral Vikings; his Jewish dad claims he cries with an Long Island accent. Together, they are a happy little new family, exploring nooks and crannies of their new neighborhood together after their last New York apartment got too crowded for the three of them. He’s a photogenic little model baby, making it fairly difficult to choose from the number of great shots I got of him to show on this blog.