Kids and Families

Holiday: Shelly + Matt + Kids


Shelly and Matt have a great little family, with a complete ham of a daughter and a total little bug of a baby boy. I had so much fun hanging out with them and taking pictures. They have endless smiles and lots of laughter, and made it easy to capture so many wonderful moments. We also lucked out on one of the last, warm, sunny fall days, in late November! Afterwards, their daughter showed me all her favorite toys and I would have stayed longer because she was just so hilarious, but I had to reluctantly shuffle off to another shoot. Here are a few of my favorites from that day.


IMG_8469 copy

IMG_8837-2 copy




Kids and Families

new beginnings.

Liying and Kit welcomed their first baby boy early last week! He was nine days after his due date, but just in time for me to meet him during my weekend in Chicago. He slept through most of my visit. He’s so little and so brand-new that you just want to protect and shield him from the big bad world, and tell him to watch out for strangers, dangerous weapons, Corporate America and people who text while driving. Liying and Kit are exhausted new parents, but oh-so-excited, super happy and positively beaming.