I love this family! More to come…

Kids and Families

Snapshot: Montana/ Jack and twins!

Kids and Families

Family Session: Doggy Days


Salsa, Jeff, Beth, and their daughter spent a warm afternoon walking through a rustic path in Takoma Park, coaxing their pup with treats to stay patiently for a few family photos. Dogs are like toddlers and babies: you call out their names a lot, try to distract them by dancing around or waving your hands, trick them with treats. The difference is dogs are a lot of wiser, so they don’t fall for our human antics as often. Every once in a while, Salsa would just sit and gaze towards the camera, and we seized those moments to capture a few memorable shots. Here are some of those!




Kids and Families

Family session: Cristina and Patrick and kids!


This family – they could be a Gap ad or something (not because they are wearing Gap – I actually have no idea what they are wearing). But they have a clean, fresh and happy glow and were so laid-back and fun to photograph. The kids ran around the playground, but the little girl stopped every so often to flash me a bright smile. Here are a few from that afternoon.







This little girl is really just this adorable. Stay tuned for more from her and her family…

Kids and Families

Snapshot: Cristina + Patrick + kids!

Kids and Families

Maternity: Marie + Patrick!

2017-06-25 14.32.37-2logo

That’s Marie, sporting a baby bump, and dad-to-be Patrick! The two wanted to capture the pregnancy, since it’s one of those rare moments in a mother’s life where she is hauling a bowling ball around in her belly for all those months. Marie, however, carries it like it’s no big deal. I regaled them with stories about my pregnancies and told them to go see lots of movies before the baby came. Yet the two of them together seem completely content just to sit side by side, passing the time by conversing with each other instead of passively staring at movie screens. Here are some shots of them in a quaint and quieter time in their lives, awaiting with anticipation for the next new, exciting phase. Congratulations, you two!

2017-06-25 14.39.56logo

2017-06-25 14.23.08-2logo

2017-06-25 14.29.13logo

2017-06-25 14.19.45logo

2017-06-25 14.45.03-2logo

Kids and Families

Violeta, Nick, and Their Large Family

2017-05-20 11.18.40-2 logo

Violeta contacted me: “My entire extended family is coming into town and we want to take a picture of all of us. ALL of us.” And, there were a lot of them – particularly these little ones. But they were so smiley and completely photogenic, so with a few obligatory silly faces, we had a great time – even the littlest one who wavered between smiling and pouting. Here are a few select shots.

2017-05-20 11.00.32 logo

2017-05-20 11.16.27-2 logo

2017-05-20 11.16.40 logo

2017-05-20 11.12.52-1 logo

2017-05-20 11.32.35-1 logo

2017-05-20 11.03.24-1 logo

2017-05-20 11.25.46-1 logo

2017-05-20 11.15.36 logo

(probably my favorite shot of the day – this little girl with her big expressions)