Kids and Families

Married: Calli and Tom (for 35 years!)


I *love* this family, and I think they like me enough too, because they keep inviting me back to document their most important family moments (such as Dan’s and Erin’s wedding, Dave’s and Emily’s engagement, and now Calli’s and Tom’s anniversary). Calli and Tom were married 35 years ago and never seem to have left the honeymoon phase. You never hear any spousal grumblings or any stereotypical doofus-husband or nagging-wife stories with these two. They are a true, honest equal team who held fast to their vows all these years, raised three great boys with matching heads, and prioritize each other’s happiness above everything else. Calli and Tom fill their lives with wondrous food, world adventures, a growing family, and genuine devotion and respect. For their anniversary, their kids and daughters-in-law flew in for the weekend to celebrate. Here are a few shots from that day!



IMG_8117 copy

IMG_8161 copy


IMG_8255 copy

IMG_8274 copy

IMG_8286 copy


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