Kids and Families

Fall family time


Diana and Derek were the lucky winners of our preschool’s fundraising auction in which I donated a family session. As parents who spend most of their free time trying to get their kids dressed and fed and off to school, it was no surprise that nearly six months went by before we were able to set a date! However, they chose my favorite time of the year to take photos—autumn—at the time when it’s still warm enough for short-sleeves but cool enough to see the leaves start to change colors. We met up on a sunny Sunday at Sligo Creek park with their two boys and spent an afternoon capturing them snuggling, hugging, throwing rocks into the water, finding enormous sticks that doubled as walking canes and crutches and swords, and just enjoying their day with each other. I had such a great time hanging out with their little family! Thanks for a lovely afternoon!


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