Headshots: Amy!

Nutrition is a very important part of daily life, and with all that misinformation out there on the world wide web, why not consult an actual nutritionist who can help guide you through all the necessary criteria to fit your (or your family’s) health needs? Here’s Amy, MS, CNS, LDN, local nutrition expert, who recruited me to help take some more updated headshots. If you must know, the fruit bowl was deliberate. And I’ve included some outtakes so that you know that Amy is not all about vanity but is a real, blinking, laughing (a lot of laughing) person. She also comes with an authentic English accent, so you’re more likely to pay attention to what she says than you would to any other health expert out there.

Kids and Families

Snapshot: Sarah/ David + Family!

This was supposed to be a picture of just David and Sarah quietly enjoying a moment together, which as parents know, is short-lived. One by one, the kids started piling up on their laps. As usual, spontaneity results in one of my favorite photos from this session! Also, these kids are unbelievably well-behaved! More later from this shoot.



This little girl is really just this adorable. Stay tuned for more from her and her family…

Kids and Families

Snapshot: Cristina + Patrick + kids!

Kids and Families

Violeta, Nick, and Their Large Family

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Violeta contacted me: “My entire extended family is coming into town and we want to take a picture of all of us. ALL of us.” And, there were a lot of them – particularly these little ones. But they were so smiley and completely photogenic, so with a few obligatory silly faces, we had a great time – even the littlest one who wavered between smiling and pouting. Here are a few select shots.

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(probably my favorite shot of the day – this little girl with her big expressions)


Kids and Families

Family: Alice and Joseph and boys

img_8173This fall I got to photograph Alice and Joseph and their cute little boys. Big brother loves his little brother, but had a hard time standing upright next to him – every hug resulted in them falling backwards into a cuddly heap. It was a lot of fun, though, as we wandered through their Takoma Park neighborhood and neighborhood park. Finally, I found some time to post their photos!






Kids and Families

Lifestyle session with Tina


Tina contacted me for a lifestyle session because, as working parents go, she only had pictures of her kids, but not of just her. For an application she was working on, she needed some pictures of just her, demonstrating some of her personal favorite activities – baking, reading, sewing, exercising, and tending to her garden. It was a nice way to remember that even though most of our non-working time is eaten away by little ones, we are stillĀ people as well as parents, and we have independent interests. Anyway, she was a great subject to work with and we had a lot of fun. Here are a few glimpses into Tina’s life when she has a moment to herself.


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Kids and Families

Cherry Blossoms: Kathy and Alex and family!

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Kathy and Alex and their growing family gathered for some cherry blossoms pictures earlier this spring! Their toddler was such a calm little guy who was curious about everything growing – the spring flowers, his mother’s belly, the baby who would be his new sibling. Congrats to the happy family!

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