Kids and Families

Maternity: Marie + Patrick!

2017-06-25 14.32.37-2logo

That’s Marie, sporting a baby bump, and dad-to-be Patrick! The two wanted to capture the pregnancy, since it’s one of those rare moments in a mother’s life where she is hauling a bowling ball around in her belly for all those months. Marie, however, carries it like it’s no big deal. I regaled them with stories about my pregnancies and told them to go see lots of movies before the baby came. Yet the two of them together seem completely content just to sit side by side, passing the time by conversing with each other instead of passively staring at movie screens. Here are some shots of them in a quaint and quieter time in their lives, awaiting with anticipation for the next new, exciting phase. Congratulations, you two!

2017-06-25 14.39.56logo

2017-06-25 14.23.08-2logo

2017-06-25 14.29.13logo

2017-06-25 14.19.45logo

2017-06-25 14.45.03-2logo


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