Kids and Families

Socially Safe Family Photos!

(A couple of kids, photographed from a socially safe distance, who have been stuck together at home for 2+ weeks. With me.)

When people were ordered to stay home from school and work due to novel coronavirus, the first thing I thought was: wow, scheduling spring photos should be a snap. Everyone’s home! Parents! College kids! But then we had to follow that six-feet-wide distance rule, which theoretically isn’t a problem when you have some great zoom lenses. However, since I’m a photographer and not a spy, I knew it would limit some of my work, including setting up lighting equipment and having the flexibility of approaching people closer than the allotted six feet.

As much as I enjoyed documenting the non-quarreling moments of my family’s day-to-day in this interesting state of affairs as I navigate between Khan Academy and work emails, I wanted to get out and talk to other people. Even if it meant yelling from 10 feet away. So I did, with camera in hand, around my neighborhood last Tuesday, when the weather was forecasted to be warm and sunny. In exchange for a “socially safe” session, families donated $30 or more to the Capital Area Food Bank. In total, I raised about $800 through Facebook and separate checks people wrote—and counting! And I met many new neighbors, fellow elementary school parents, kids, pets, and their neighbors. People really took the opportunity to get out of their sweatpants and dressed their kids up, and, as one person admitted, made her husband shave the mustache he had been carefully cultivating. Cherry blossoms and magnolias were in peak bloom and people’s hair still looked fresh from their last visit to the stylist’s.

THANK YOU to you all for such a fun day, and for helping other families in the DC area get food—which we know is not easy, if you’ve tried buying eggs recently. It’s an unprecedented time I have dubbed Stranger Things. (Which, sadly, I finished bingeing before we were asked to stay home.)

I’ve received numerous inquiries as to whether I will be doing another session like this, and I will keep you all posted! In the meantime, here are the families who participated in my first “socially safe” photo sessions.

Kids and Families

Family Session: Niki and Eric and kids!

I met up with Niki and Eric and their kids for a summer photo session at the Maryland Soccerplex, an enormous complex of 24 separate, full soccer fields (and indoor ones!) in South Germantown, Maryland. If you couldn’t tell, this family is clearly a soccer family. Both kids are dedicated and very talented players. Their son will be celebrating his bar mitzvah over the weekend, which will be, of course, soccer-themed. We lucked out on a slightly cooler (i.e. not ridiculously humid) late August day to play with their new puppy and kick around a soccer ball. Enjoy the pictures!

Special Events

Bat Mitzvah: Sarah’s/ Adam’s daughter!


I met this girl when she was a year and a half, and now she’s 13! Yes, yikes! That went by fast. Through the years we lunched and played in the pool and now she is a well-spoken, intelligent, musically-inclined young lady embarking on her teen years and celebrating her bat mitzvah. Here she is during her rehearsal, and then at her party at Pinstripes in Rockville, where friends and family dined and bowled the night away.





















Kids and Families

Sisters, sisters

IMG_0965-2logoI met Robyn and Howard and their growing girls at their new house, which they had just finished building and wanted to feature on their holiday card this year. They also lucked out on one of the warm December days we had—I was literally sweating during the session as they shielded the blinding sun out of their eyes! The girls were silly and funny and typical siblings—they love each other, but won’t hug each other—and are also incredibly photogenic. After taking some photos in front of the house in the blistering sun, we checked out the backyard and discovered some spots in their garden that turned out to be lovely backdrops for more pictures. Enjoy!