Kids and Families

Snapshot: Bar Mitzvah-bound!

This boy, with his two loves: a soccer field and his new puppy, is becoming a bar mitzvah this weekend! Stay tuned for shots from their family photoshoot at the expansive Maryland Soccerplex, and later some shots from his bar mitzvah.

Kids and Families

Violeta, Nick, and Their Large Family

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Violeta contacted me: “My entire extended family is coming into town and we want to take a picture of all of us. ALL of us.” And, there were a lot of them – particularly these little ones. But they were so smiley and completely photogenic, so with a few obligatory silly faces, we had a great time – even the littlest one who wavered between smiling and pouting. Here are a few select shots.

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(probably my favorite shot of the day – this little girl with her big expressions)


Kids and Families

Family: Alice and Joseph and boys

img_8173This fall I got to photograph Alice and Joseph and their cute little boys. Big brother loves his little brother, but had a hard time standing upright next to him – every hug resulted in them falling backwards into a cuddly heap. It was a lot of fun, though, as we wandered through their Takoma Park neighborhood and neighborhood park. Finally, I found some time to post their photos!






Kids and Families

Cherry Blossoms: Kate + Ben + Kids!

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Kate and Ben and their kids showed up subtly color-coordinated for their cherry blossom shoot at a nearby park in Silver Spring, which was perfect. Their smiley little kids were particularly drawn to the attached playground, of course, but I managed to get some adorable shots of them hugging each other and with their parents. The little girl was all belly and smiles and their boy was energetic and hilarious. Here are a few from our sun-setting day just as the blossoms were beginning to peak and before the rainstorm of a weekend.

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