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Chicago babies!


(Baby boy toes, Chicago)

I jetted to Chicago a couple weekends ago to meet some totally teeny-tiny, completely adorable and helpless little new humans. After you’ve had two of your own, you completely forget just how small they start off (although mine began in the 8-pound range, so they were never this small). Here you’ll meet my sister-in-law Lexi’s and Gregg’s baby girl, and Brandon’s and Stef’s baby boy (baby girl and baby boy are second cousins!) complete with sausage toes, yawns, cries, sleepy eyes, and doting parents.






IMG_0985 logo



*YES! I come to Chicago often and would be more than happy to be your family/ engagement/ newborn/ etc. photographer when I’m in town. Please contact me for details on my upcoming trips!*


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