Headshots: Amy!

Nutrition is a very important part of daily life, and with all that misinformation out there on the world wide web, why not consult an actual nutritionist who can help guide you through all the necessary criteria to fit your (or your family’s) health needs? Here’s Amy, MS, CNS, LDN, local nutrition expert, who recruited me to help take some more updated headshots. If you must know, the fruit bowl was deliberate. And I’ve included some outtakes so that you know that Amy is not all about vanity but is a real, blinking, laughing (a lot of laughing) person. She also comes with an authentic English accent, so you’re more likely to pay attention to what she says than you would to any other health expert out there.


Headshots: Ha Goes Overseas


Ha was moving overseas to China, where companies tend to like seeing pictures of job candidates along with their applications, so she asked me to take a bunch. We went for the more laid-back, smiling ones as well as the very serious, firm and stern versions. The latter didn’t go so well because she kept laughing and because she’s not a very stern person.






Headshots: Yiftach and his growing company

Yiftach and his business partner took the plunge and started their own company- something involving government contracting, defense, strategy, and a lot of intelligence (both secret information AND being very smart). The two of them asked me to take some working shots of them, and in these shots they aren’t posing – these guys work so hard, they decided to maximize their time and actually have a meeting, so these shots are genuine, the real thing.




Headshots: Nick and team

2017-01-04 logo7Nick and his financial team (Kevin and Kim) braved a morning of headshots which, they soon learned, can be a painless process. Even if they were forced to┬álisten to my terrible jokes, they still smiled – even laughed – at a few of them, which resulted in some great shots. The proof that financial planning and headshots can both be fun are found below.



2017-01-04 logo6

2017-01-04 logo5


2017-01-04 logo4

(this last one is really just an outtake – but one of my favorites)