Company Pics: The Management Center!

This is now my fourth time photographing this group (here they are earlier this year, last year, and the year before), and each time their headshots always come out so photogenic. Is it because their purpose is to help nonprofits run even more smoothly and therefore, help people and the world? Or because they are exude such care and support for one another as colleagues and friends that it shows through their smiles? In any case, something is working right at this company (and I dare say almost every company, whether a nonprofit or not, could stand to learn a little about good management if they want their employees to look this relaxed and happy in their professional headshots).

This particular day was extremely blustery and windy that the people could barely stand without being blown over, let alone any of my light stands. In between gusts of wind throwing debris into their eyes and their hair all over the place, I managed to get most people’s pictures done quickly before we retreated to safety inside to take the rest of them. Here’s a few selections of headshots I particularly liked (for artistry, really) and some of the working teams who congregated for a few serious and then silly shots.


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