Kids and Families

Snapshot: Bar Mitzvah-bound!

This boy, with his two loves: a soccer field and his new puppy, is becoming a bar mitzvah this weekend! Stay tuned for shots from their family photoshoot at the expansive Maryland Soccerplex, and later some shots from his bar mitzvah.

Kids and Families

Sarah + David + Family!

This is my third opportunity to photograph members of this family – first headshots for entrepreneurs David and Sarah, and now with the rest of their gang. They welcomed their baby a few months ago, and their other kids absolutely adore her. The oldest is thrilled to have another girl in her corner, but the boys are going to be the big brother protectors as well. These were some of the most behaved kids I have ever worked with, and they are all under 8 years old! I don’t know what was in those snacks Sarah gave to them before, but they were charming and smiling and adorable all at the same time. You can see for yourself.


FRANCE, Je T’aime

Notre Dame, after the fire

Ah, France. In May, I met up with my friend Ha in Paris and we traveled to the South of France, just because. It had been ages since I had an uninterrupted conversation with a good friend and sat in a cafe for hours eating and drinking. And was even able to take photos of pretty places without having a little person tug at my arm every few minutes or trying to make sure one didn’t wander out into the street or off a cliff. You’ll notice there are far more images from this trip than from previous ones I might have posted.

at the Louvre
Pont du Gard
A functioning bullfight arena in Arles. Ha is sitting in the way back.
Streets of Provence
At the farmers market in Aix-en-Provence
Flea market in Aix-en-Provence
Monaco, with the Grand Prix set up below.
Back at the Louvre

Headshots: The Management Company!

This is my third year in a row photographing The Management Company (this is last year and the year before). After three years, I can safely conclude that this is a very photogenic group of people. Being photogenic is all about looking naturally happy and comfortable with themselves, without the usual grimaces and eyebrow furrows that happen after a few years on the job. Which means that the people at TMC are genuinely happy with their job, and pose happily for the camera with very little weight on their shoulders while the rest of Washington shleps by them with bricks on their ankles.

This year I set up the shoot on a sidewalk and had a few fun moments of the wind catching my umbrella modifier. There is also the usual cast of commuting characters passing by who think they’re really funny trying to pose in front of my lights and asking for a photo. In any case, these are a select few of the headshots I took that day – of the actual people from TMC!