FunShots: Heidi!

Our favorite musician and music teacher, Heidi, needed some photos to promote her ukulele class! We did one attempt of throwing floating scarves against a white background, but then she found this even more colorful mural in Takoma Park to go with her multicolored ukuleles and, of course, with her personality.

Special Events


Carley and her husband wanted to celebrate many things: their son’s and daughter-in-law’s recent marriage, the New Year, and all the great things coming their way. So as a thank-you for all the times their friends invited them to parties and other life celebrations, they decided to throw a party in return. But really, why should there be a reason for a party other than just because it’s a fun way to see their favorite people? I think more people should have celebrations—just because—and hire a photographer to document the whole event! Here are a few shots from that great evening of cocktails, dancing, food, family and friends.

Kids and Families, Special Events

Bat Mitzvah: Lisa’s & Avi’s daughter!


This girl is officially a bat mitzvah! And I’ve decided that bar/ bat mitzvahs are my new favorite event to photograph. First, it’s sweet and sentimental—I’ve seen this girl around since she was eight, and now she’s quite the young lady, and that growth is acknowledged nicely with a formal ceremony for which she prepared for months. She even wore her hair out of a ponytail—a rare sighting—and coupled with her mature conduct during the ceremony, she really shined. Since her ceremony wasn’t held in a synagogue, I was allowed to take a few shots, but out of respect for those who might be alarmed I didn’t shoot the entire ceremony. Second, bat/ bar mitzvah parties are SO MUCH FUN. I wish we had gotten one of these emcees and played games at our wedding. Plus, at this one, the grown-ups held their own on the dance floor, risking pulling muscles and backs trying to play Coke and Pepsi with the kids and more. Her party theme was Around the World, and I loved the mini-suitcases with the vintage postcards and symbolic items to represent each country. Here are some shots from that day!

2018-09-07 21.34.01logo

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2018-09-07 21.57.03logo.jpg









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Kids and Families

Family session: The Klaiman family!


Stunning family, right? Dr. Mark Klaiman, is one of Washingtonian’s Top Doctors and rightfully so for his incredible patience and accuracy to diagnose your physical pain issues (pointperformance.com, if you’re looking for someone to examine those back or knee issues). His wife, Lynn, is passionate about childhood education and created a fantastic learn-to-read program called Rhyme to Read. Together, they raised two kids who are mirrors of themselves, as you can see. We wandered over to Rock Creek Park one humid Washington day for some photos before their daughter headed back to college. It was a bittersweet reminder that once the kids grow up and move on, the opportunities for family moments, even a photo, are harder to come by. Here are a few from that day.






Company shots: The Management Center, 2018!

2018-06-27 21.29.26_logo

This is my second year photographing the staff of The Management Center, and boy has this company grown in the past year. It had to move locations and increase the number of desks, but the staff’s dedication, attitude and level of fun is more than obvious that this job isn’t just merely a paycheck, but a huge part of their lives. Knowing that poor management and bad bosses are one of the top reasons people leave a job, its main purpose is to help progressive non-profits and organizations function better as managers. This helps to avoid losing great talent who would otherwise make a difference to important people and issues. You can tell these people love what they do – no one ever gets this giddy for a company shot! Here are a few from that terribly hot and humid morning down near Farragut North, in what’s known as the “Golden Triangle” district.

2018-06-27 21.28.07-2_logo

2018-06-27 21.23.14-1_logo







2018-06-27 21.32.42_logo



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Special Events

Engaged: Josh and Alex!

2018-04-21 18.57.40logoJosh met the lovely, smart, down-to-earth Alex in New York and before you know it, they were galavanting the world together – something very important to them – traipsing through Myanmar and exotic locales. More recently, they experienced another exotic locale – Brooklyn – with me and my camera in hand. It required three of us to pull out Google Maps to figure out where we were going, being completely Manhattan-blooded, but it made for some fantastic vistas.

Josh and I have known each other for decades – literally, since we were in preschool, although I don’t really remember him from those days. We reconnected in junior high and became fast friends in high school. We both moved back to New York City after college, and then we both ended up in Los Angeles at the same time too, and spent many of our west coast days rollerblading on the beach and hiking. He officiated my wedding, and it only made sense that I shoot his engagement photos. Together, the three of us fought the onslaught of tourists on the Brooklyn bridge, explored Brooklyn Bridge Park, and ended up back in Manhattan at Central Park. Here are some of my favorites!

2018-04-21 18.50.13logo

2018-04-21 18.52.36logo

2018-04-22 10.26.02logo

2018-04-21 19.17.30-2logo2018-04-21 18.59.35-2logo

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Kids and Families

Family Session: Montana, Jack and twins!


I’ve known this family for years, and they live around the corner from us. Their twins are creative, bright, and never dull; Jack and Montana are clearly partners when it comes to handling two of the same-aged kids. We went to Woodend Sanctuary for some beautiful fall photos, where the kids picked leaves, ran through the woods, and possibly clung to Montana for a little bit through the initial pictures. Here they are!





Special Events

Bat Mitzvah: Sarah’s/ Adam’s daughter!


I met this girl when she was a year and a half, and now she’s 13! Yes, yikes! That went by fast. Through the years we lunched and played in the pool and now she is a well-spoken, intelligent, musically-inclined young lady embarking on her teen years and celebrating her bat mitzvah. Here she is during her rehearsal, and then at her party at Pinstripes in Rockville, where friends and family dined and bowled the night away.























I love this family! More to come…

Kids and Families

Snapshot: Montana/ Jack and twins!

Kids and Families

Family Session: Doggy Days


Salsa, Jeff, Beth, and their daughter spent a warm afternoon walking through a rustic path in Takoma Park, coaxing their pup with treats to stay patiently for a few family photos. Dogs are like toddlers and babies: you call out their names a lot, try to distract them by dancing around or waving your hands, trick them with treats. The difference is dogs are a lot of wiser, so they don’t fall for our human antics as often. Every once in a while, Salsa would just sit and gaze towards the camera, and we seized those moments to capture a few memorable shots. Here are some of those!




Kids and Families

Family session: Cristina and Patrick and kids!


This family – they could be a Gap ad or something (not because they are wearing Gap – I actually have no idea what they are wearing). But they have a clean, fresh and happy glow and were so laid-back and fun to photograph. The kids ran around the playground, but the little girl stopped every so often to flash me a bright smile. Here are a few from that afternoon.







This little girl is really just this adorable. Stay tuned for more from her and her family…

Kids and Families

Snapshot: Cristina + Patrick + kids!


Headshots: David!


Meet David, the CEO and co-founder of Retrium, a company/ software for agile retrospectives. This is particularly useful and interesting if you work in agile development and technology, so if you’re looking for a good retrospective tool, you should check them out!

Anyway, David was in need of a headshot for a conference and for some nice photos in general, so we got together and went around downtown Silver Spring for our shoot. It was fun and creative, even when one of the residents of downtown Silver Spring’s streets mistook my camera for a hose shooting biohazard toxins and called the police on me. It was a simple misunderstanding, although we got out of there before the police arrived. Here are some photos (not toxins) from that shoot!







Headshots/ Artistshots: Heidi!

2017-07-15 12.39.24-2logoThe talented singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Heidi Martin, born and bred in Washington, DC, influenced in Casablanca, croons jazz and blues that go well with a martini on a warm summer night. Together we had a super creative time checking out parts of Rock Creek Park, finding blends of nature and industry for a funky setting for her artistic shots. These are best viewed in conjunction to her music, so check her out!

2017-07-15 12.12.51logo

2017-07-15 12.39.19 logo

2017-07-15 12.40.58-2 logo

2017-07-15 12.48.34 logo



Heidi Martin

I totally upped my cool factor by photographing a jazz/ blues musician, Heidi Martin. More to come…


A Snapshot: Heidi!


Company Shots: The Management Center


2017-06-28 18.25.36logoThere are lots of good intentions out there, and lots of action whirling around to bring those intentions to light. But sometimes, a roadblock appears in the process, bringing the project to a screeching halt. Enter The Management Center: a company whose purpose is to help nonprofits manage their processes and people better, and help them overcome hurdles to realize their mission and goals. The company is made up of people from all over the country, with a wide range of experience and background, but united with passion and drive to do good. For a rare moment, the staff were together in DC recently for a company gathering and seized the opportunity for a group photo and some headshots.

2017-06-28 18.23.23-2-2logo

2017-06-28 18.41.34logo

2017-06-28 18.34.35 logo

2017-06-28 18.45.09logo

2017-06-28 18.46.18logo

2017-06-28 18.39.07-2logo

2017-06-28 18.40.01logo

2017-06-28 18.52.26-2-2logo

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2017-06-28 18.42.34logo

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2017-06-28 18.51.31logo

2017-06-28 18.54.06-2logo

2017-06-28 18.37.10-2logo

2017-06-28 18.35.15logo

2017-06-28 18.53.16-2logo



Headshots: Point Performance!

The physicians therapists of Bethesda-based Point Performance are some of the most talented I’ve ever encountered. They fixed my shin splints and got me back on the road right before the New York Marathon. They have an astounding reputation for being really careful, precise and personalized with their approach, rather than cookie-cutter and just follow what’s in the book. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing each of their new therapists with the matching outdoorsy look, one in each season (fall, winter, summer). Here’s Michal, Adam and Robert.



2017-06-26 13.33.46logo

Kids and Families

Maternity: Marie + Patrick!

2017-06-25 14.32.37-2logo

That’s Marie, sporting a baby bump, and dad-to-be Patrick! The two wanted to capture the pregnancy, since it’s one of those rare moments in a mother’s life where she is hauling a bowling ball around in her belly for all those months. Marie, however, carries it like it’s no big deal. I regaled them with stories about my pregnancies and told them to go see lots of movies before the baby came. Yet the two of them together seem completely content just to sit side by side, passing the time by conversing with each other instead of passively staring at movie screens. Here are some shots of them in a quaint and quieter time in their lives, awaiting with anticipation for the next new, exciting phase. Congratulations, you two!

2017-06-25 14.39.56logo

2017-06-25 14.23.08-2logo

2017-06-25 14.29.13logo

2017-06-25 14.19.45logo

2017-06-25 14.45.03-2logo