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Cherry Blossoms: Regina and Jerry and son in DC!

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Cherry blossoms down on the National Mall just don’t compare to the suburban ones, I have to admit, though the suburban ones don’t come with massive tourists buses and swarms of tourists trying to climb the fragile trees or rip the flowers off of them. However, the advantage to living within a metro ride to the country’s most-famous spring decor is that I can pop by at any point during the short-lived week of blossom-age, which occurred so early this year that I had to reschedule all my shoots and work around rain, sick kids, and all that. Regina and Jerry, who are only spending a year in DC with their little one for a residency, decided to capture their family session down on the Mall, and we lucked out with a smaller crowd and full blossoms on the stretch of arbor near 17th and Constitution. Though it was a cooler, cloudy day, the magnificence of these pink petals still make for a beautiful backdrop. I had a great time chasing their kid around who just loved toddling his way up and down through the trees. A few pics from that day!

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