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Married: Lexi and Gregg!

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In Chicago this August, my little sister-in-law, Lexi, married Gregg, a hilarious, movie-quoting lawyer who showed us numerous videos on YouTube of people trying to swallow spoonfuls of cinnamon (which cannot be done). We liked him immediately. Since I was honored with the position of bridesmaid, I didn’t get to take any pictures of the wedding itself, but was asked to take some of the pre-wedding preparation in the bridal suite and groom’s room. The bridal suite had couches, a patio, bagel tray, mimosas and bridesmaids in matching robes painting their nails and having their hair and makeup done. The groom’s room was a standard hotel room with bottles of whiskey and the groomsmen still lying in bed in their underwear filling out a football pool 15 minutes before they were due for photos. I finally got around to putting these pics on the blog. Congrats you two!

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