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Janice, uncensored.

This is my childhood friend, Janice.

She’s a clothing designer by trade and spent many years in corporate fashion dictating what mainstream Americans should wear. She went from New York to San Francisco, dressing America. And then she got fed up by all the politics, bureaucracy, and having her creativity limited by budgets (i.e. 9 pleats instead of 18, black buttons instead of silver, etc), quit, and traveled the world.

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I got to spend some time with one of my favorite and inspirational friends whose craziness not only finds her in South America and Thailand, but donning a feather boa and gloves (because it was cold outside) and then buying a $5 bridesmaid dress on a street corner garage sale during a block party in the Mission. She didn’t feel like taking it off after trying it on over her clothes, so on she paraded home, with a few onlookers and people taking pictures of her. Myself included. Here are some of them.


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