IMG_7817 logoI LOVE weddings. I love the bride, I love the groom, I love the bride’s mother even more sometimes because their most colorful side ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL, comes out on a wedding day. These are what makes a wedding day so much more memorable, and it’s a shame to miss those moments.

Weddings are the perfect blend of what’s simultaneously beautiful and crazy. For just one day, worlds collide, people laugh and and cry in the same minute, brides and grooms have fleeting thoughts of eloping, and then everyone eats, drinks, dances, and celebrates. And there’s always cake.

I prefer mingling with the guests with camera in hand, photographing smaller, more intimate weddings. Contact me for a meeting and we’ll see if I would be a good fit for your big day!

Dan Erin Bier Baron bridesmaidsIMG_7803 logo untitled (29 of 149) logo Zip and Jeff get married! (396) copy Yifty-Janice rehearsal  (49 of 138)

gangnam stylemother of groomZip and Jeff get married! (124)IMG_8930 copy

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