Special Events

Quarantine Bar Mitzvah!

Pandemic or not, kids are still going to turn 13, and in the Jewish tradition, that means boys are still turning into men. So, even though the original plan was that I would photograph this boy’s whole celebration, party and all, part of growing up means learning flexibility. After moving the date once in optimistic hopes that maybe, by winter, the pandemic would be over – he ended up doing a Zoom ceremony and then celebrating just with his family, in the comfort of his home. I still went to capture some socially-distant pictures of him dressed at the synagogue on a particularly breezy, chilly day; and then later on the day of his bar mitzvah at his home, where we lucked out with some warmer, sunnier weather. His family was super considerate about making sure to keep their distance or don their masks around me and had a great time having this opportunity to dress up and capture their son’s big milestone.


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