2020 Election Day in D.C.

Election Day on Black Lives Matter Plaza, with PJ Clarke’s boarded up in the background.

I took my kids downtown to check out the state of our nation’s capital before all hell broke loose as the votes were being tallied. In the morning, it was rather calm and even eerily quiet. Tip to tourists: visit the National Mall on Election Day if you want pictures with nobody else in them, maybe during a pandemic, too. Down at Black Lives Matter Plaza, people were showing up to look at the signs and art decorating the many layers of fences surrounding Lafayette Park to the Ellipse (and the White House in the middle), chant their slogans, take pictures, blast music (Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution” was a good mood-setter), and have a jovial time before reality set in – whichever way the election would go. I wanted my kids to have a record of their being present for this, since it will be many years before they can fully comprehend—and appreciate—this very unusual and historic election.


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