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Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

A 75-year-old kid flies a kite on the beach in Culebra

These pictures are a miracle. The snowstorm after Christmas cancelled flights out of New York and jammed phone lines to all airlines, and any available plane ticket was gone. But, alas, something went right for us, and within 48 hours all of us went from cold wet snow to hot warm sand.

Culebra is a quaint, rustic island removed from the main island of Puerto Rico once used as a bombing target practice by the U.S. military. Today it’s rated one of the top diving spots in the world, despite warnings posted to leave anything abnormal-looking alone on the ocean floor since it may be a remaining live bomb. (Snorkelers have nothing to worry about – they’re pretty deep in the ocean). Flamenco Beach is the best and most popular beach on the island, with campsites and little bungalow condos on the beach.

Everyone was a kid on this vacation. The little ones played in the water and built sandcastles, while the big ones flew kites and relaxed in the hammock. We also took a quick tour through old San Juan before our flight back home, through the colorful streets and the old fort.

Flamenco Beach


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