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Janice and Yifty at the Auf Ruf

What is an Auf Ruf? Well, according to Wikipedia and the program notes at Janice’s and Yifty’s own auf ruf, the Jewish groom is called upon to a recitation of a blessing over the Torah, then everyone sings a congratulatory song, and then people throw candy at the groom to guarantee a sweet marriage.

In less conservative ceremonies, as was this one, the groom and bride were called up together, and each of the family members read a section of the Torah before it made its way around the congregation seated outside the Old Wharf House in Oceanport, NJ on Saturday evening. Everyone then pelted the couple with saltwater taffy and some kind of wrapped gummy candy before retiring inside for the rehearsal dinner. This, after the fire alarm went off several times, as if calling the local fire department to the Torah as well. Or else a love spark creating a four-alarm fire by Yifty and Janice. Mazel Tov, you two!


“Then you came and caused a spark/ That’s a four alarm fire now”


2 thoughts on “Janice and Yifty at the Auf Ruf

  1. Rebecca Eisenberg says:

    Rin, all I can say is Wow! Your photos are fantastic, each one captures a unique, beautiful and meaningful moment of the evening. Thank you, Rebecca and David

  2. Kate says:

    Rin, these are amazing!!! You know, on the way to the wedding we called the local radio station and requested Bruce Springsteen and the DJ dedicated the song “Fire” to Janice and Yifty. We had totally forgotten about the fire trucks the night before, but now that I am looking at your pictures, it seems like an even more fitting choice of song!!! haha!

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